It all began with a desire to make and share music grounded in genuine passion, with friends.



Four Destinations (or “4D”) began in 2012 as a concept for a boy band composed of Alex Balanko, Jonathan Cheng, Justin Wong and Liam Sturgess. While starting as somewhat of a joke at first, the name began to represent the times when the boys would get together individually or as a group to learn and perform their favourite songs of the time.

During a band class in high school, Alex revealed to Liam that he had been writing his own music and was beginning to record demos in his bedroom. This inspired Liam, who quickly bought an acoustic guitar and wrote his first few original songs.

Soon, the pair set up in Liam’s bedroom to successfully record their first EPs, Hit the Stage and This Way Up. To commemorate the releases, Liam established Four Destinations Records as a label.

After a year of university, Alex discovered the Advanced Arts and Entertainment Management program and the boys spent the Summer of 2014 in training for the music business.

During their program, Alex and Liam were hired at Studio Cloud 30 in Vancouver and honed their skills in management and event production under the leadership of Warren Dean Flandez. Shortly after, the pair incorporated Four Destinations Entertainment Inc. and opened their new home studio to developing musicians.

Since January 2015, the studio has been growing and evolving to offer services in music lessons, studio recording, talent booking and career opportunities for musicians with one simple premise: Making Something Awesome.